Relais L'Antico Convento Relais L'Antico Convento Relais L'Antico Convento Relais L'Antico Convento
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L'Antico Convento
Your dream wedding in Umbria

Wedding location in the Umbrian countryside

A magical and romantic venue for your unforgettable wedding in Umbria. Relais L’Antico Convento, set against a background of spectacular sunsets and lush landscapes, is an extremely romantic location. A timeless spot, where nature is clothed in a thousand colours and emanates intense perfumes. Wheatfields, olive groves, vineyards and forests, a light breeze whispering through the treetops under a glorious sky: this is the fabulous frame for your wedding at Relais L’Antico Convento.

The perfect setting for your wedding

Country chic, elegant and themed… this is how we envisage and create the event for the most beautiful day of your life. Every detail is lovingly taken care of to create a harmonious and glittering event.

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