Relais l’Antico Convento

Relais l’Antico Convento was originally a monastery, which dates back to medieval times, transformed today into a splendid Relais after a restoration that has preserved its charm and beauty. We offer our guests hospitality in our charming apartments, in which we have created a comfortable and welcoming environment. Away from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life, you can rediscover the modus vivendi of Latin thinkers, where the art of living is not the pursuit of luxury and pomp but the recapturing of natural rhythms of time, and join us in the discovery of the 5 senses of the meaning of the world around us.

Relais l'Anrico Convento

Once upon a time…

L’Antico Convento (originally called Mincione) dates back to the 12th century, when it reigned over many hectares of vineyards, olive groves and grazing land due west of Monte Acuto. Monte Acuto is a pyramidal-shaped mountain which rises 927 meters above the Umbrian landscape and can be seen from practically anywhere in the Province of Perugia. The builders of Il Convento may have been aware of the energetic properties attributed to this mountain, since earlier Etruscan inhabitants had built a temple at its peak. Very little is known of Mincione’s first inhabitants except that someone carved a Coptic-style Cross on Mincione’s major 13th c. arch.

The whole property

Reserve the whole property for Group Holidays and Events. The Relais l’Antico Convento is also available… as exclusive accommodation for groups of friends and couples who want to spend their holidays together, with the whole place to themselves.

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