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Food Wine
Drink, taste, savour, listen, remember

Food&Wine Experiences

Umbria, where what is beautiful also tastes good - food and wine tours, traditions and typical products par excellence Drink, taste, savour, listen, remember. Here the products of the earth speak directly to the heart. And the ancient knowledge of men lives again in the same pleasure that you have when you welcome a friend.

Cooking Classes

Let yourself be led to the discovery of the ancient flavours that have influenced the food and wine culture of Umbria, such as lentils, saffron, truffles and cheeses.

Wine tour and wine tasting

Travel through the flavours of Umbria and let yourself be surprised by the centuries-old tradition of wine production. Taste a lifestyle: a land of taste where men and nature make a difference.

Truffle hunting

Enjoy it fresh in the simplest of recipes to exalt its special flavour. The truffle tradition in Umbria is very old and there is a wide range of recipes, all you have to do is come and taste it.

Olive Oil tasting

The tasty PDO Umbria extra-virgin olive oil can best represent the regional gastronomy, based on peasant dishes in which raw olive oil, as the base for the preparation, plays a key role.

Discover the region

A paradise for botanists and birdwatchers: the crisp scent of the forest, the different tones of green leaves and grass and blue sky and water. Inhale the clean air, listen to birdsong and relax into the rhythm of nature all around. Walking or pedalling through unspoiled landscapes with binoculars, a camera or a paintbrush. Umbria: nature as art.

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