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A journey through time and history

Art&Culture | Umbria

Umbria: a catalogue of masterpieces, great artists, a unique system of museums and works set in every place. Look around you: an Etruscan well, Roman monuments but also Byzantine mosaics and even Giotto and Perugino. You will find places not so different from centuries ago, where everything has kept its charm unchanged.

Art&Culture | Tuscany

Tuscany is truly an open-air museum like nowhere else in the world. Cities that are rich in artworks alternate with centuries-old villages and a landscape of harmonious features with rolling hills and rows of cypress trees.

Discover the region

A paradise for botanists and birdwatchers: the crisp scent of the forest, the different tones of green leaves and grass and blue sky and water. Inhale the clean air, listen to birdsong and relax into the rhythm of nature all around. Walking or pedalling through unspoiled landscapes with binoculars, a camera or a paintbrush.

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